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Since it's obviously flattering hour let me tell you that I think you're really awesome and creepy and stuff and I'm really glad you share all that with us!

kekeke~ thank youuuu! @//////@ 

You really inspire me a lot!! Thank you for being lovely <3

welcome! you’re lovely yourself! merp 

I love your art, are there any tips for new artist, you have?

keep drawing if you want to keep improving! don’t get discouraged by others art.. let it inspire you. :)  

oh my god you have freckles uwu i love freckles! you have lovely freckles and a lovely face. i'm so sorry i'm awkward.

daw i don’t think that was an awkward comment at all~  thank you! i love my freckies…i hope they never go away. meep

ummm ok ive been wondering this for a while, so what brand, or type of lipstick do u use? because it is absolutely queenly every single time in both ur everyday pics and cosplay. paired with those art skills im beginning to suspect witchcraft.

bahh thank you~ just any lipstick that has good color payoff i guess…i have a bunch of different lipsticks and i think most of them are from Walgreens! the black lipstick i wear is by Lime Crime though. very good brand (i wanna collect all of the colorsss)   :D