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to all the Transformers fans following me, i think you would like my other new tumblr better.  Follow Tesascream !!! its strictly Transformers and mechs and things related skdfjsldfjskl   also i reblog robots making out and doing eachother sometimes so there’s that warning i guess. > o >;;  

i just made it so the page still needs some work. i hope to see some of you on there! 

Hey there! I saw you are a Starscream cosplayer as well, and I was hoping to get some advice from you. How did you make and attach your wings? I'm having major issues with that... -Lord Bitch

awwww man we made piece for the back armor and strapped it and buckled it on the sides of my body to make it attache to the front piece….. and for the wings they had to be made those separately and they screw into the back piece…with chicago screws…and also velcro….X___X it was a pain in the ass..its not the best thing but its all we could think of with the time we had left.